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The Importance of Having a Mask Spray for Your Masks

The Importance of Having a Mask Spray for Your Masks

Whether you’re on the go all day or if you just pop out occasionally to run errands, face masks are now the new normal across the United States. When COVID-19 first hit the US, it quickly became mandatory to wear a mask, social distance, and wash your hands frequently. 

The whole world came to a grinding halt as non-essential businesses were required to close their doors, and people had to stay home unless absolutely necessary. People lost their jobs, and consumer behaviors shifted from wants to needs almost overnight.

Now that things are slowly getting back to normal and people are heading back to their working and buying habits, masks are still required in public areas. But if you’ve ever worn a mask for an extended time, you probably know how stinky they can get after eating and drinking or after going about your routine.

To help you combat stinky masks and keep you feeling fresh between washes, mask spray will be your secret weapon. Read on to learn more and to find the best FDA-approved option on the market!

What is Mask Spray?

While you’ve no doubt already invested in a few face mask options to get you through your days, it can be hard to maintain a proper wash routine to ensure you’re protected. The most powerful scented mask spray on the market should not only be scented but contain essential oils that can help protect you.

Moisture is bad news when it comes to killing viruses and bacteria, so a mixture that is 60% alcohol will dry quickly and kill any harmful germs you may have picked up throughout your day. Additionally, peppermint is a powerful and beneficial fragrance to open up and clear your respiratory tract, enhance circulation, and it can help relieve stress and tension during your day.

After you eat a meal or drink a beverage like coffee, brushing your teeth is always a good idea. But, if you’re not able to scrub your pearly whites, a few spritzes of mask spray can help you feel fresh and clean and help you avoid the dreaded mask mouth.

How Does Mask Spray Help?

Face mask refreshing spray’s most significant benefits are keeping your facial covering smelling fresh and reducing the risk of interacting with harmful bacteria and virus particles. The alcohol helps kill the bad stuff and makes it quickly dry, so your mask stays fresh longer. Peppermint oil helps you feel and smell fresh while helping reduce stress and open your airways!

A routine of washing your mask and spritzing between washes is essential to keeping you safe. But to reduce your risk of getting sick, you also need to maintain social distancing, properly wash your hands and sanitize regularly, and reduce your exposure to crowds unless necessary.

Mask spray is only effective when you’re not touching your mask and when you’re regularly washing or disposing them between uses. If you rely solely on mask spray, your risk of getting sick will increase, so make sure you follow all mask care steps to keep yourself safe.

How to Care for Your Face Mask

You should always wash reusable face masks at the end of each day and dispose of single-use alternatives. When removing your mask, you should only touch them by the ear loops or ties, dispose of filters, and thoroughly wash them based on their care instructions to ensure you protect yourself and your family.

Proper mask care should be a routine of washing your reusable mask after each use and spraying the mask with scented mask spray throughout the day anytime it starts to smell funky or feels damp. Disposable masks aren’t intended for long term use, but the benefits of utilizing scented mask spray throughout your day remain the same.

How to Choose the Right Product

When it comes to choosing scented sprays for masks, hand sanitizers, or any other cleaning products, do you know how to choose the best product on the market? With many products being recalled due to inferior ingredients, you should always look for an FDA-approval and identify what percentage of bacteria and virus you can expect to be protected from with proper use.

Additionally, take some time to review the company and identify their purpose and objective. With many Americans negatively affected by the pandemic and losing their jobs, wouldn’t you prefer supporting small businesses rather than those who your purchase won’t benefit?

At COBALT, all purchases directly benefit bar and restaurant workers who lost their jobs, and they help us fill and package each order. When you take quality and pair that with purpose, you’ve found a product that makes a difference for everyone involved.

Where to Start

Take some time to consider your current mask habits and identify any bad habits you may have. Are you wearing them correctly and only touching the ear loops or ties? Do you wash your reusable mask after each use and dispose of the other types?

Then get some mask spray that you can utilize between washes and after eating and drinking to keep yourself clean and protected when you cannot wash. Proper mask usage and other social protocols can help keep you safe and can help slow the spread of this and any future virus our world experiences.

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