Travel Sized Surface Cleaner

Why Everyone Should Have This Travel-Sized Surface Cleaner

Why Everyone Should Have This Travel-Sized Surface Cleaner

We all know we need to be healthy, but when our lives are as fast-paced as today's society, it's too easy to miss the most straightforward answer.

Taking precautions to avoid illness by wearing face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer is great until you realize that your gloved touched an unclean surface, and you used your hand or your mouth to take your gloves off when you get home.

So here's why everyone should have our travel-sized surface cleaner in their bag or pocket.

Reduce Risk of Catching Viruses

In recent times we've all adjusted to a brand new way of life. The demands of wearing a face mask and staying away from loved ones can take their toll. Reducing the risk of contracting the virus has to be a priority for all.

It's true that many places now have sanitary products available to reduce the risk, but unfortunately, many individuals visiting these places do not abide by the rules. 

By carrying our all-purpose surface cleaner, you can spray whatever you feel may be contaminated, and as a result, lead a more peaceful, free-roaming lifestyle. Plus, it feels good to know you are doing your bit to reduce the spread.

Sterilizes Hard-To-Clean Surfaces

Did you know that the average cellphone, according to academic studies, carries more than ten times the bacteria levels of a toilet seat?

Toilets get cleaned weekly, even daily. When did you last clean your cellphone? Our surface cleaner helps sterilize these areas, so even if it's not something you can actively clean, at least you can use it germ-free and reduce the risk of catching anything contagious.

And it's not just cellphones either. Keyboards, touchscreens, appliances are all susceptible to being forgotten when it comes to cleaning. Even places you'd never imagine. Have you ever sterilized your purse or briefcase?

Avoid Unfortunate Circumstances

In a pre-Covid world, hand sanitizer still frequented many purses and handbags everywhere. But not many considered a spray, let alone a surface cleaner. The advantage of both is that you can use it on surfaces, not just your hands. 

Have you ever been out for a meal with a newborn and found yourself cleaning their mess up with tissues from the restaurant? Or maybe the only table that's free is a dirty one because the restaurant is understaffed.

Well, you can avoid embarrassment and be more productive by packing our surface cleaner with microfiber wipes in your handbag. That way, you won't be caught without again!

Travel-Sized Surface Cleaners

Even if you aren't traveling as frequently due to virus restrictions, you will find a travel-sized cleaner incredibly useful to keep within reach.

If you are in the house, consider it a backup plan. If it's Christmas Day and the shops are closed, but you run out of the surface cleaner, and you have family around, you'll feel safe knowing there's a plan B in your bag.

And because the bottles are travel-sized, when the time comes to travel again and enjoy working or visiting the world, you'll be ready. Do check with your local laws on this, though, as it may depend on where you live.

Money-Saving Surface Cleaner

You may not have thought about a travel cleaner as money-saving, but it's something worth noting.

If you become ill, even with a relatively minor 3-day illness, how much will that cost you? And what about if you have to take even longer off work, or to look after a loved one?

Whether you're a waitress or a CEO, three days' earnings is a significant amount to your lifestyle, so buying a bottle of surface cleaner is a small price to pay for ensuring you maximize your income. 

All-Purpose Cleaner

Of course, it's better to use a surface cleaner for cleaning surfaces than anything else, but if you are in a position of panic, nothing is stopping you from spraying it on your hands.

It may not quite have the same effect, and you'll likely need to make sure you wash your hands at the earliest opportunity. But if it's essential, then it's better than having no sanitizer at all.

Plus, it's a great way to ensure you are ahead of the game, and your friends and family will remember the time you helped them out because they didn't have any!


The best thing about our surface cleaner is that it's FDA approved. That means the cleaner has passed rigorous testing procedures in top-quality laboratories to ensure it is safe for you to use. 

We strongly advise not buying any cleaning products without FDA approval, especially if you are purchasing from another country. Whatever health products you buy abroad, vitamins, cleaning, or otherwise, make sure they are FDA registered or, at best, the equivalent governing body in that country.

It's vital whenever health and safety are involved in getting it right, and that's why we go through lengthy procedures to ensure our products' quality.

Complement Surface Cleaner With Our Full Product Range

As you can see above, the surface cleaner is just the tip of the iceberg. We also have a face mask sanitizer alongside our classic hand sanitizers. And the best part is because the bottles are so compact and travel-friendly, they'll all fit in your bag with ease!

We must look to keeping our family and ourselves safe. None of us want the burden of knowing we may have passed an illness on to a loved one, whether that's something as simple as a common cold or a more severe virus that could do more harm.

So don't delay. Take a look at our full product range, and while you're here, why not consider a gift set for your loved one!