About Us

creating an impression, one spritz at a time

who we are

Cobalt is a lifestyle brand of sanitizers, surface cleaners, mask sprays, and travel kits designed to help you live with confidence wherever life takes you.

Based in Houston, Cobalt was founded in 2020
by female entrepreneurs Christina Milligan & Molly Voorhees. The idea started mid-pandemic during a socially distanced front porch conversation when the duo realized there was a gap in the market for upscale products that didn’t look, feel,
or smell medicinal.  

The business evolved from the awareness that our hands are only as clean as the surfaces we touch, but finding a like-able surface cleaner in a portable travel sized bottle proved to be impossible. That’s when the two working moms decided they needed to create one to combat bacteria on high traffic surfaces. Milligan, co-founder of Houston based organization company Organized Design, and Voorhees, president of popular restaurant group Beck’s Prime, pulled from their individual backgrounds and expertise to collaborate on the latest in clean living. Their passion for keeping friends, family, and neighbors cootie free in a germ-filled world has sparked this innovative concept.


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